Welcome to Sinister Chaos - It's Not The Dark That Will Consume You, It's What's IN The Dark That Will!

Tantalizing... Menacing... Disturbing... Psychosomatic...

402 N Cedar Bluff Road behind Papa John's and next door to Dagnan Realty Group, LLC

The Story Begins...

It was the era of the Great Depression and happiness was as hard to come by as food. The people, starving of smiles and laughter, had to find ways to entertain themselves at little to no expense. Circuses traveling throughout the states gathered up all of society’s outcasts, misfits, and freaks alike. The circus would parade these sideshows about the United States while people ogled and gasped for a small price and a feeling of superiority. read more

Please visit the concession stand offered by USCAV (United States Citizens Aiding Veterans) for refreshments or simply make a donation this Holiday Season! All profits go to our local veterans in need and this year their goal is to feed all their supported veterans a Thanksgiving Dinner who are participating in the local step-house. Any help you give would be most appreciated.

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